The Dark Skies Mystery


Publisher: Harper Collins
Author: Jordan Lees

Art Director: Julia Tyler
Cover Illustration and Title Lettering by me


„It’s 1942, and the United States is at war. Henry Hamilton is an inquisitive twelve-year-old who dreams of being a reporter. Pursuing a story for his school newspaper, Henry’s investigation soon leads to a mysterious room inside his town’s famous Biltmore Mansion. The mystery only grows deeper when he uncovers the secret of the room’s contents. As Henry pursues the story, hoping for his first real scoop, he encounters spies, dark forests, hidden tunnels, enemy saboteurs, famous artists, and even a long-dead president of the United States.

Based on a true event, this middle grade¬†mystery features a WWII home front setting complete with frightening blackouts and great uncertainty; the timeless fascination of Biltmore House, the Vanderbilt family mansion; and the intrigue of the Nazis as art thieves, all woven into the empowering story of a boy who aspires to publish the truth.“