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My name is Maike Plenzke and I’m a freelance illustrator from Berlin. In my studio full of plants, I love to do colorful illustrations for book covers, magazines and other exciting projects. I have also ventured into comic books together with author Flora Grimaldi, which were published in France and Germany. When I’m not drawing, I love learning french, going for walks in the sun and watching a movie on the couch with my husband and dog.

If you would like to work with me or just want to say hello,you can get in contact via email:

Contact: maikeplenzke(at)gmx.de

Assignment related e-mails will be answered immediately.

It would be wonderful if you could include as much information about the project as possible like the size and number of illustrations, context and timeline in your email.

Or write directly to my agents:

Link zu Bright Website

Exhibitions/Group Shows:

„Begegnungen“ (Encounters)
Neurotitan, Berlin

„Iceland Residency Exhibition“
Light Grey Art Lab, Minneapolis


„The Mystery Show“
Rotopol, Kassel

Light Grey Art Lab, Minneapolis

„In Place“
Light Grey Art Lab, Minneapolis



„Girls – Fact and Fiction“
Light Grey Art Lab, Minneapolis


„The Ultimate Disaster Show“
Rotopol, Kassel



„Tarot, Mystics & The Occult“
Light Grey Art Lab, Minneapolis


Rotopol, Kassel

Clients include:
Disney Hyperion
Harper Collins
Simon & Schuster
Abrams Books
Penguin Random House
American Girl
Glénat BD